MFR004 Fitting Room (Open-Top, Ring Curtain)

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Portable changing and fitting rooms are a necessity at every external retail event, exhibition, fair or private sale, giving your customers the comfort and privacy when trying on new items during their shopping trip at your booth or sales event.

3 benefits of portable fitting rooms:

1. Portability

As the name suggests, portability is a key factor with these rooms, as well as their main benefit. By using one of these rooms for your sales or special events, you can increase your customers’ peace of mind, and sense of post-purchase satisfaction.

2. Easy to assemble

You’ll only need a small, clear space or area, and you can easily have it set up within minutes.

3. Great for professional and outdoor situations

A portable fitting room is a must for anyone needing to change outdoors. Professional models shooting a clothing catalogue will need as much privacy while changing into the next outfit, as a drama troop performing a play at a park. Your team will be very thankful to you for the comfort and accessibility to a mobile changing room.

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height):


The portable fitting rooms are detachable, space saving (easy to store), and comes complete with the curtain and cover. rings for curtain. Clear cable ties for canvas sold separately.

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